Where to Watch Brasileirão from Anywhere

If you’re interested in discovering the optimal methods for streaming 2023 Brasileirão Série A and B matches over public or shared Wi-Fi connections, or if you’re aiming to evaluate cord-cutting options encompassing Brazilian soccer matches. This guide presents the finest streaming services to assist you in to watch Brasileirão from anywhere.

where can i Watch Brazilian Soccer live

Experience the excitement of Brasileirão live online by leveraging the top-notch streaming services highlighted below. Whether you’re a fan of Série A or B games. These platforms offer a seamless way to watch Brazilian Serie A and B live, catch all the action in real-time from the comfort of your device.

Watch Brasileirão live on Premiere

  • Cost: Starting from 30 BRL per month
  • Network: Premiere

Premiere stands as a digital streaming platform developed by Brazilian broadcaster Rede Globo, serving as the optimal avenue to capture live HD broadcasts of Brasileirão Série A and B matches in Portuguese. The matches can be conveniently streamed via its website or dedicated applications tailored for smartphones and tablets. So, Do not worry, get the best offers of the premiere and watch Brasileirão in Brazil on Premiere.

Moreover, Premiere offers the most economical standalone subscription, it can also be bundled with the Brazilian cord-cutting service Globoplay, granting access to a broader array of Brazilian channels and programming.

Watch Campeonato Brasileirão live on Paramount Plus

  • Cost: $5 per month (complimentary 7-day trial)

For those inclined towards tracking Brasileirão action with English commentary, an option lies in tuning into Série A matches via Paramount Plus. This cord-cutting service serves as the stateside hub for Brazil’s premier soccer league, Campeonato Brasileirão Série A. Witness matches either in real-time or at your convenience on your computer or via Paramount Plus’s dedicated applications. They are designed for smartphones, tablets, or favored TV streaming apparatus.

Watch Brasileirão Soccer live on BeIN Sports

You can watch Brazilian soccer on beIN Sports. beIN Sports has the rights to broadcast the Brazilian Serie A, Copa do Brasil, and the Brazilian Supercopa. You can watch beIN Sports on a variety of platforms, including cable, satellite, and streaming services.

Here are some of the ways you can stream beIN Sports to watch Brazilian soccer:

  • Cable or satellite: You can add beIN Sports to your cable or satellite TV package.
  • Streaming services: There are a number of streaming services that offer beIN Sports, including Sling TV, Hulu + Live TV, and YouTube TV.
  • Direct from beIN Sports: beIN Sports also offers a direct-to-consumer streaming service.

Lastly, no matter how you choose to watch beIN Sports, you’ll be able to watch Brazilian soccer live.

Campeonato Brasileirão Serie A Schedule

The Campeonato Brasileirão Serie A is the top tier of professional football in Brazil. The 2023 season is currently underway, and the schedule for the rest of the season is subject to change. However, the following table provides a list of the matches that have been scheduled for the month of August onwards.

RoundDateTime (GMT-3)HomeAway
Round 26August 154:00 PMBotafogo vs GoiásPalmeiras vs Coritiba
Round 27August 164:00 PMAmérica-MG vs SantosFluminense vs Flamengo
Round 28August 174:00 PMAthletico-PR vs CruzeiroBahia vs São Paulo
Round 29August 204:00 PMCoritiba vs São PauloSantos vs Cuiabá
Round 30August 214:00 PMFlamengo vs BotafogoPalmeiras vs América-MG
Round 31August 224:00 PMAtlético-MG vs FluminenseBahia vs Cruzeiro
Round 32August 234:00 PMSão Paulo vs Athletico-PRCuiabá vs Santos
Round 33August 274:00 PMBotafogo vs FluminensePalmeiras vs Flamengo
Round 34August 284:00 PMAmérica-MG vs Atlético-MGCruzeiro vs São Paulo
Round 35August 294:00 PMAthletico-PR vs BahiaSantos vs Coritiba
Round 36September 34:00 PMFlamengo vs CuiabáPalmeiras vs Botafogo
Round 37September 44:00 PMFluminense vs América-MGSão Paulo vs Cruzeiro
Round 38September 54:00 PMAtlético-MG vs Athletico-PRBahia vs Santos
Round 39September 104:00 PMCuiabá vs São PauloBotafogo vs Palmeiras
Round 40September 114:00 PMAmérica-MG vs FlamengoCruzeiro vs Fluminense
Round 41September 124:00 PMAthletico-PR vs SantosBahia vs Atlético-MG

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch the Brazilian Serie A?

You can watch Brasileirão live stream on Paramount Plus.

How can I watch Brasileirao in USA?

In the US, Paramount+ is the sole English-language hub for Brazil’s top soccer league, Campeonato Brasileirão Série A. The platform provides access to all previous season’s club matches for on-demand viewing.

How can I watch Brazilian soccer in Canada?

Fanatiz enables legal and secure HD streaming of live or on-demand matches from favorite sports networks and leagues, accessible across web, mobile, and CTV devices with a stable internet connection.

Where can I watch the Brazilian league?

Watch Brasileirão on US TV


In short, this guide offers optimal streaming solutions to watch Brasileirão Série A live from anywhere. From Premiere’s comprehensive coverage to Paramount Plus’s English commentary and BeIN Sport’s diverse package. You can catch all the action seamlessly. Whether over public Wi-Fi or through cord-cutting, relish the excitement on your preferred device and immerse yourself in the world of Brazilian soccer.