Where to Watch Chinese Super League from Anywhere

Thanks to its huge financial resources and willingness to invest, the Chinese Super League has become a significant force in international football, luring some of the biggest names in the game like Carlos Tevez, Oscar, and Hulk. Future additions to the league’s roster are anticipated to include additional well-known athletes as its popularity continues to grow.

But the CSL’s appeal extends beyond celebrity status. The competition is fierce and fascinating thanks to the abundance of exciting emerging talents. The CSL is noted for its exciting, high-scoring matches when there are large stakes involved. Prepare to watch Chinese Super League from wherever if you’re looking for a new and exciting football league. It signifies the game’s future and is expected to become even more alluring in the years to come.

Where can I Watch the Chinese Super League online?

Fans of the Chinese Super League (CSL) are in luck, as the league has landed broadcast deals with a wide range of national and international businesses. China Sports Media (CSM) offers access to the Chinese Super League for Chinese fans. Up until 2025, it has the sole right to broadcast CSL games. In addition, PPTV Sport China, QQ Sports, Shandong Sports Channel, Guangdong Sports Channel, Tianjin Sports Channel, and Qinghai TV all stream certain games domestically.

LeSports HK broadcasts the games for viewers in Hong Kong. BTV Sports station, a government-owned station and streaming website, also airs CSL matches for viewers to watch. which, while only available within Beijing, gives away a few matches.

Wondering where to watch the Chinese Super League if you are an international viewer?

USAWatch the Chinese Super League in the USA on LeSports
UKWatch the Chinese Super League in the UK on Sky Sports, Sky GO UK, Now TV, Sky Go Extra, or Sky Sports Football
CanadaWatch the Chinese Super League in Canada on LeSports
AustraliaWatch the Chinese Super League in Australia on beIN Sports
New ZealandWatch the Chinese Super League in New Zealand on beIN Sports
FranceWatch the Chinese Super League in France on SFR Sport 2
NetherlandsWatch the Chinese Super League in the Netherlands on FOX Sports
BelgiumWatch the Chinese Super League in Belgium on SFR Sport 2
LuxembourgWatch the Chinese Super League in Luxembourg on SFR Sport 2
Eastern EuropeWatch the Chinese Super League in Eastern Europe on Setanta Sports Eurasia and SportKlub
JapanWatch the Chinese Super League in Japan on DAZN
GermanyWatch the Chinese Super League in Germany on DAZN
SwitzerlandWatch the Chinese Super League in Switzerland on DAZN
AustriaWatch the Chinese Super League in Austria on DAZN

Chinese Super League Season Schedule: When Does It Start and End?

Typically, February through November are the CSL (Chinese Super League) season months. Beginning on February 26, 2022, and ending on November 12, 2023, is the 2022–2023 season. The two phases of the season are separated by a first phase that lasts from February through June. A second phase that runs from July through November is also included. The AFC Champions League is open to the top four clubs after the regular season, while the fifth-place team is eligible for the AFC Cup. The two last-place teams are demoted to China League One.

Here is a breakdown of the 2022-2023 CSL season schedule:

  • Phase 1: February 26, 2022 – June 11, 2022
  • Phase 2: July 15, 2022 – November 12, 2023

History and Formation of the CSL

The promotion of grassroots football and the development of Chinese football were the driving forces behind the CSL’s founding in 2004. The Jia-A League was replaced, giving Chinese football a new beginning. Since its inception, the league has grown to be a football superpower. attracting top athletes and coaches from around the globe.

Major Clubs and Players in the CSL

The CSL is home to some of Asia’s most powerful clubs, including Shanghai SIPG, Guangzhou Evergrande, and Beijing Guoan. These clubs have not only elevated the standard of football in China, but they have also earned a name for themselves in continental competitions. The league has also drawn great foreign players like Oscar, Hulk, and Paulinho, who have brought star power to the CSL and raised the overall calibre of play.

Chinese Super League Teams

Beijing GuoanBeijingThe Capital
Changchun YataiChangchunThe Pandas
Chengdu RongchengChengduThe Phoenix
Chongqing Liangjiang AthleticChongqingThe Red Wolves
Guangzhou CityGuangzhouThe Cityzens
Hebei F.C.ShijiazhuangThe Fortune
Henan Songshan LongmenZhengzhouThe Longmen
Jiangsu F.C.NanjingThe Blue Whales
Meizhou HakkaMeizhouThe Hakkas
Shanghai ShenhuaShanghaiThe Reds
Shanghai PortShanghaiThe Port
Shenzhen F.C.ShenzhenThe White Elephants
Shandong TaishanJinanThe Lion
Tianjin Jinmen TigerTianjinThe Tigers
Wuhan Three TownsWuhanThe Three Towns
Zhejiang FCHangzhouThe Green Giants

CSL’s Contribution to Global Football

Because of the influx of foreign players and coaches, the CSL has become a football cultural melting pot. This variety has raised the level of play on the pitch and sparked international interest in Chinese football.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch Chinese Super League in the UK?

You can watch Chinese Super League in UK on Sky Sports.

How many foreigners can play in the Chinese Super League?

Multiple reports indicate that the CSL is changing its rules to limit teams to fielding only three overseas players at any given time, with five allowed on matchday 18.

How much does Oscar earn in China?

Oscar earns a weekly salary of £400,000 in China in 2023. This is equivalent to approximately $500,000 USD. He signed a contract with Shanghai SIPG in 2017 that is worth a total of £60 million over five years.

How long is the Chinese Super League?

Unlike European leagues (Bundesliga, Premier League, La Liga, Serie A) that follow the traditional August-May schedule, the Chinese Super League runs from February/March to November/December. Each club plays all other clubs twice, once at home and once away, in each season.

How many foreigners can play in Chinese Super League?

Multiple reports indicate that the rules of the Chinese Super League (CSL) will be modified, limiting teams to have only three overseas players on the field simultaneously, while allowing five in the matchday 18.

Why did footballers stop going to China?

Amidst these challenging times, European clubs seeking financial support are discovering that China is no longer a straightforward and profitable choice. Players like Messi, Ronaldo, and other notable names may need to explore alternative options if they have the desire to spend a year or two outside of Europe before their retirement.

Where can I watch China Super league?

For Chinese Super League live streaming, our suggestion is bet365. Keep in mind that geographical limitations may be in place.


The Chinese Super League attracts top-tier players and promising new talent, and it is anticipated that more renowned figures will soon join the league due to its substantial financial backing and increasing prominence. For football enthusiasts, the high-scoring and captivating matches are a must-see spectacle. With broadcast contracts ensuring widespread access, the league’s undeniable impact on football culture is evident. The CSL appears to embody the future of the game. Uniting fans from around the world in their passion for top-level sports. Therefore, don’t miss out on the excitement . Watch the Chinese Super League from anywhere and become a part of the football revolution.