Where to Watch Liga MX from Anywhere

If you’re seeking information on where to watch Liga MX from wherever you are, you’ve arrived at the correct destination. Among all the soccer leagues broadcasted on US television, Liga MX attracts the highest viewership each week. Three factors contribute to the remarkable popularity of this premier Mexican league. Initially, the significant population of Mexican-Americans and Mexicans residing in the United States played a key role. Additionally, a number of prominent matches are showcased on the freely available Univision network, enhancing the league’s accessibility compared to its counterparts. Lastly, Liga MX offers a captivating and enjoyable viewing experience.

Where can I watch Liga MX in the USA?

You can watch Liga MX in the USA through channels such as FS1, FS2, FOX Deportes, UniMas, Univision, TUDN, Telemundo, Universo, ViX+, ESPN Deportes, and ESPN+.

Watch Liga MX on Univision

Univision holds the official rights to broadcast Liga MX matches within the United States. Subscribers with a cable package that includes Univision can enjoy Liga MX games through both the Univision and UniMás channels. Univision presents a range of cable TV bundles, with pricing that commences at $9.99 per month. This option is relatively budget-friendly for individuals seeking to catch Liga MX matches on cable.

A notable benefit of selecting Univision for Liga MX viewing is the broadcasts being delivered in Spanish. This aspect can be appealing to those who relish the fervor and enthusiasm of Spanish-language soccer commentary. However, for individuals who are not fluent in Spanish or prefer English-language commentary, this might pose a potential drawback.

Stream Liga MX on Telemundo

Telemundo stands as an additional Spanish-language broadcaster showcasing Liga MX matches in the USA. Telemundo is accessible through a majority of cable service providers, with subscription rates commencing at $14.99 per month. Much like Univision, Telemundo’s broadcasts are conducted in Spanish, a feature that can be viewed as either an asset or a drawback based on personal preference.

Watch Liga MX on Fox Sports

Fox Sports operates as a cable TV channel delivering live coverage of Liga MX matches in the English language. The pricing for Fox Sports varies based on the cable provider and subscription package you opt for. Fox Sports typically airs a selection of Liga MX games, with a focus on matchups involving popular teams like América, Chivas, and Cruz Azul.

A notable benefit of tuning in to Liga MX on Fox Sports is the availability of broadcasts in English, catering to those who are not fluent in Spanish or favor English-language commentary. However, this might be considered a drawback for individuals who relish the fervor and enthusiasm of Spanish-language soccer commentary.

Watch Liga MX on ESPN

ESPN airs select Liga MX matches in the English language on its cable TV channels. The pricing for ESPN varies based on your chosen cable provider and subscription package. Although ESPN’s coverage of Liga MX is not as extensive as that of Univision or Telemundo, it offers distinctive content such as the “Fútbol Picante” show, focusing on analysis and commentary of Liga MX matches.

Similar to Fox Sports, one benefit of opting for ESPN to watch Liga MX is the availability of broadcasts in English. This appeals to those who may not be fluent in Spanish or who have a preference for English-language commentary. However, it might not align with the preferences of individuals who relish the fervor and intensity of Spanish-language football commentary.

Watch Liga MX on TUDN

TUDN serves as a Spanish-language sports channel airing Liga MX matches in the USA. It can be accessed through most cable service providers, and the pricing is contingent on the selected package. Similar to Univision and Telemundo, TUDN’s broadcasts are conducted in Spanish, which can be either advantageous or disadvantageous based on personal preference.

An advantage of tuning in to Liga MX on TUDN is its extensive coverage, encompassing a wide array of Liga MX matches, including those involving smaller or less renowned teams. TUDN also provides diverse programming centered around Liga MX, such as its “Futbol Club” show, delivering comprehensive analysis and commentary on the league.

How to Watch Liga MX in Mexico

Liga MX matches are predominantly shown on Televisa and TV Azteca in Mexico, accessible through cable and satellite TV services. Furthermore, a selection of matches is aired on TDN, ESPN, and Fox Sports. Various streaming choices for Liga MX are also available in Mexico:

Liga MX on Chivas TV

Operated by the Chivas de Guadalajara team, this streaming platform provides live broadcasts of Chivas matches, along with the option to watch replays and other content at your convenience. Subscribing to the service comes at a price of $5.99 per month or a yearly rate of $59.99.

Liga MX on Claro Sports

This streaming platform provides entry to Liga MX matches and a variety of global sports content. It is complimentary for customers of Claro TV and Telmex in Mexico.

Liga MX on Televisa Deportes

This streaming platform provides live streaming of Televisa’s sports content, which includes Liga MX matches. Access to the service is complimentary for subscribers of Televisa.

Liga MX on Univision Now

This application provides real-time streaming of Univision and UniMás, the platforms that air Liga MX matches in Spanish. The app is compatible with a wide range of mobile devices, smart TVs, and streaming tools like Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV. To access the app’s features, a subscription is necessary, priced at $10.99 monthly or $119.99 annually.

How to Watch Liga MX in the UK

In the United Kingdom, various avenues exist for viewing Liga MX matches. The most straightforward method to watch Liga MX in the UK is on Sky Sports Football channel. Sky Sports holds the broadcasting rights for a significant portion of Liga MX matches and airs them in real-time on Sky Sports Football.

Accessing Sky Sports Football can be achieved through a Sky Sports subscription or by obtaining a NOW TV Sports Pass. Alternatively, an option to watch Liga MX matches is provided through the ESPN Player, accessible on both desktop and mobile devices. The ESPN Player features on-demand replays of Liga MX matches, along with additional soccer content like analysis and highlights.

Watch Liga MX in Europe

When it comes to watching Liga MX matches in Europe, the options are somewhat limited. However, you can still catch the action through the ESPN Player, which is accessible in many European countries. The ESPN Player allows you to watch on-demand replays of Liga MX matches, as well as enjoy other soccer-related content such as analysis and highlights.

How to Watch Liga MX in Spain

If you’re looking to watch Liga MX matches in Spain, you have the option of tuning into the Movistar Liga de Campeones channel. This channel is included as part of the Movistar+ package. Movistar+ operates on a subscription-based model, offering a diverse array of TV channels and on-demand content, including Liga MX matches.

For those in Spain, accessing Liga MX action is made easy through Movistar+, available not only on desktop and mobile devices but also on smart TVs and streaming platforms like Roku and Amazon Fire TV. Movistar+ presents a range of subscription plans, with the “Lite” package starting at €8 per month, making it a viable choice for watching Liga MX matches in Spain.

How to watch Liga MX for free

While there are no cost-free methods to view Liga MX, you can make the most of available free alternatives. Allow us to outline these complimentary options for you below.

Watch Liga MX on Free-to-air channels

In certain nations, Liga MX matches are shown on channels that can be accessed without a subscription or payment. For instance, in Mexico, Televisa and TV Azteca broadcast select Liga MX matches on free-to-air channels. Similarly, in the United States, Univision and UniMás offer free-to-air broadcasts of some Liga MX matches. However, it’s important to note that the availability of matches on free-to-air channels might be restricted.

Liga MX on Free trials

Certain streaming platforms provide trial periods at no cost to new users, presenting an opportunity to watch Liga MX matches for a limited duration without charge. For instance, FuboTV extends a 7-day free trial to new subscribers in the United States, allowing them to access Liga MX matches during this trial period.

Liga MX on Mobile apps

Liga MX offers its official mobile application, delivering live scores, highlights, and Liga MX match-related news. While the app doesn’t offer live match streaming, it serves as a valuable resource for staying informed about the latest Liga MX developments.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that these avenues might come with certain restrictions and could not encompass all Liga MX matches. Furthermore, specific options might only be accessible in particular countries or regions. This approach aids in supporting the league and its teams while ensuring a legal and safe viewing experience.

Frequently asked questions

How does the Liga MX season work? 

The Liga MX season is divided into two tournaments: Apertura (Opening) and Clausura (Closing), each consisting of 17 regular-season matches followed by playoffs to determine the champion of each tournament.

Which teams are considered the “biggest” in Liga MX? 

Clubs like Club América, Chivas de Guadalajara, and Cruz Azul are often considered among the biggest and most popular teams in Liga MX due to their historical success and large fanbases.

Where can I watch Liga MX matches? 

Liga MX matches can be watched on various TV channels, streaming platforms, and apps, depending on your location. Channels like Univision, Telemundo, ESPN, and Fox Sports often broadcast Liga MX matches.

How are relegation and promotion handled in Liga MX? 

Liga MX operates without a traditional promotion and relegation system. Relegation was last in effect in the 2019-2020 season, and currently, promotion and relegation are not a part of the league.

Does ESPN Plus have Liga MX?

From the quarterfinal stage in August, matches from the MLS-Liga MX tournament will air on ESPN+ and ESPN networks, culminating in the final on Sep.

How can I watch Liga MX?

To watch Liga MX, you can read this guide to find the best streaming services above.


In summary, the enjoyment of Liga MX matches on a global scale encompasses a spectrum of tailored options. Within the United States, a variety of language preferences are catered to by Univision, Telemundo, Fox Sports, and ESPN. Meanwhile, in Mexico, Chivas TV, Claro Sports, Televisa Deportes, and Univision Now present enticing alternatives. In the UK, reliance on Sky Sports and ESPN Player prevails, whereas Spain embraces Movistar+ for Liga MX viewing. Additionally, occasional matches on free-to-air channels and trial periods on platforms like FuboTV extend gratis choices. Whether one is a devoted aficionado or a casual observer, the captivating allure of Liga MX eagerly awaits exploration.